Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monogrammed Aprons with SU! Fabric

First off, I need to apologize for the lighting in the photo.  I assure you that these aprons are MUCH cuter in person.  As soon as I get a model, I'll take photos for you to see.  I wanted to do something nice for the cafeteria ladies at our school this year, and since they always wear aprons, this seemed like an obvious choice.  Both aprons are made using SU! fabric.  I just love them!  Here's a quick tutorial so you can make your own.
You will need an apron (any color of your choosing, I got mine at WalMart for around $6), a sewing machine with a 4 X 4 embroidery hoop, tear away backing, tape measure, scissors, fabric, and spray adhesive.
1. Measure your apron from the top and sides to find the center. (mine was 7 in from the top and 7 1/2 in from the side)
2. Place your backing within your hoop and spray with the spray adhesive.
3. Line up your apron so the center is in the center of the hoop (you may use a grid if it is helpful, but you don't have to have one)
4. Place your hoop in your sewing machine and let it do the outline stitch.
5. Cut your fabric big enough to cover the outline stitch.  Spray with adhesive and stick on your apron.  Put it back in the sewing machine for another outline stitch.
6. Pull your hoop out and cut the excess fabric as closely as you can to the stitch.  This is tedious, but the closer you get, the better it looks.
7. Put your hoop back in the machine and watch in awe.  In about 10 short minutes, you will have your very own monogrammed apron!  

These make wonderful Christmas gifts and are very inexpensive!  Enjoy, and please comment if you have any questions.

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