Sunday, March 17, 2013

Corinne's Birthday

Here is a picture of the entire table before the party began.  I did the banner hanging in the window with MDS to match the colors of the party.  There are cute little homemade bubble gum machines on either side that are made out of clay pots from Lowe's and glass vases from the Dollar Store.

This is the cake I had made for the party.  I just love how it turned out.  The "Keep Calm" sign in the back was more MDS.
Here's the table at another angle.  We made fruit and veggie trays to look like Elmo.  We served little sandwiches, clementine oranges, goldfish, chex mix, and deviled eggs.  All very simple to make, but more importantly, simple to eat.

This is the birthday girl standing by her homemade sign.  My husband built it out of a fence post and a few dowels.  I painted it (the best I could)

Here are some of the favors that went home.  Each child received a mailbox with their name on it (MDS).  It was full of goodies that started with "C" in honor of the birthday girl.  We had crackers, crayons, chalk, and then cookies of course.


  1. Adorable party Allison. The cake is amazing and Corinne is precious :)

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