Friday, August 24, 2012

MDS...other than scrapbooking

 Ok...I am loving the new MDS.  You simply must try it out!!!  With a 30 day free trial, who can go wrong?  Well, we went back to school a few weeks ago which is why I've been so absent in the stamping/blogging world.  However, I got on MDS last night to create some numbers for my classroom.  We are approaching math with a new adaptive program this year which is very cool.  It's a little intimidating for many of us, but we are getting more and more comfortable with the idea.  Our classes are divided into modalities each 6-day rotation.  Each of the groups will go somewhere different on a daily basis according to what they know.  The boys can move from group to group at their own pace.  In order to make this visual for my guys, I created numbers on MDS, laminated them, and put magnets on the back.  This way, I can move the magnets around daily to show the boys where they are going.  Probably way to much information, but here are the MDS pages I used to create the numbers.

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